Bitcoin and Tesla are bubbles

Bitcoin and Tesla are bubbles: the survey

Bitcoin and Tesla are bubbles ready to burst. That is the opinion of respondents to a monthly survey of investors conducted by Deutsche Bank.

Bitcoin and Tesla are of particular concern to respondents, who have Bitcoin Pro had extraordinary rallies in the past year.

Bitcoin gained +300% in 2020 and Tesla did even better with a performance of over +700%.

More than half of people surveyed by Deutsche Bank think Bitcoin and Tesla are more likely to halve than double.

– Sam Ro 📈 (@SamRo) January 19, 2021

According to Sam Ro, an analyst at Yahoo Finance, 25% of respondents believe the price of Bitcoin could double, but 56% think it could halve. Nineteen percent did not respond.

As for Tesla, only 18% are optimistic that the shares could double, 62% think their price could halve, while 20% say they don’t know.

Furthermore, when asked: „Currently, there are a lot of bubbles in the financial market“, 52% fairly agreed, 37% very agreed, 6% fairly disagreed, while only 1% totally disagreed. The remaining 5% said they neither agreed nor disagreed.

Even more significant was the last chart that asked investors to rate on a scale of 0 to 10 the likelihood of certain assets being bubbles. Bitcoin stands out in this „ranking“ with a score of 8.7. Then come the shares of US tech companies, with a score of 7.9.

In short, it seems that investors, at least those consulted by the German bank, have no confidence in those who dominated the market in 2020: Bitcoin, Tesla and the tech companies.

Bitcoin, Tesla and the risk of bubbles

But is this lack of confidence justified? Bitcoin has rallied in recent weeks to an all-time high of $42,000, but has since fallen back to its current level of $35,500.

However, Bitcoin is being affected by growing demand from institutional investors on the one hand, and by Paypal’s entry into the sector on the other, which has expanded its retail audience (although for the moment cryptocurrency trading is only available in the United States). These are all reasons that should support Bitcoin’s price growth.

Tesla, on the other hand, is in a different position. It has presented itself as the leader of the electric car market, offering a high-tech product. However, from this year it will also start to feel the competition. A possible opponent could become Apple. This factor might not please investors.

As always, the market is sovereign and will decide whether Deutsche Bank’s investors are right or wrong.

Ingen XRP angir før rettsavgjørelse

Opprettholde: Ingen XRP angir før rettsavgjørelse

Betalingsbehandleren og sentralen sier at XRP bare blir betegnet nür søksmület er over.

Kryptovaluta betalingsprosessor og utvekslingsoperatør Uphold har offisielt gjort det klart at det foreløpig ikke vil betegne XRP.

I en kunngjøring mandag sa Uphold at de ikke ville fjerne XRP fra sitt kryptotilbud Bitcoin Up før den amerikanske Securities and Exchange Commission-søksmület er løst.

„Uphold har besluttet ĂĽ fortsette ĂĽ notere XRP til og nĂĽr SECs søksmĂĽl blir avgjort i deres favør og XRP er klassifisert som et verdipapir (eller handelsvolumet faller sĂĽ langt at vi ikke lenger kan støtte XRP).“

Børsen bemerket at søksmĂĽlet mot Ripple og dets ledere er en pĂĽstand, og ingen amerikansk domstol har formelt klassifisert XRP som sikkerhet. „Vi stoler pĂĽ at andre børser vil innta en lignende holdning i stedet for utslettende dom før domstolens avgjørelse,“ heter det i uttalelsen.

Børsen har ogsü stilt spørsmülstegn ved SECs strenghet mot Ripple

Det ga XRP-kurset et kraftig fall. XRP har mistet mer enn 50 prosent av verdien siden rykter begynte ĂĽ sirkulere om at det burde iverksettes tiltak mot symbolet. XRP falt fra $ 0,57 til $ 0,23 ved pressetiden.

Tapene ble betydelig forsterket av en serie av børsnoteringer fra store børser. Disse inkluderte Bitstamp, Coinbase, Binance.US og eToro. Store hedgefond og institusjonelle tjenesteleverandører som Bitwise og Genesis Trading har ogsü sluttet ü støtte eiendelen.

Betegnelsene ble i stor grad sett pü som et føre-var-tiltak for ü beskytte mot regulatoriske risikoer. Rettssaken er fortsatt i sin spede begynnelse, og en virtuell høring før rettssaken er planlagt til 22. februar.

I mellomtiden har Ripple lovet ü forsvare seg mot SEC. Ogsü mange fellesskapsmedlemmer støttet av begjÌringer og gruppesøksmül.

Bitcoin marks new maximum as only 22% of its supply is available

The crypto world is not surprised to see Bitcoin conquer new highs, but what if I told you that only 22% of BTC is available?

Bitcoin (BTC) set a new record today as the available supply of crypto is reduced every day. Bitcoin will end the year at USD 30,000?
78% of Bitcoin is not liquid, crypto community notices shortage

Yesterday Glassnode published on Twitter that 78% of the circulating Crypto Comeback Pro is not liquid and therefore practically inaccessible.

Yes, only 22% of the supply of the leading crypto (4.2 million BTC) is available for purchase and sale.

Basically, the Glassnode report states that demand from large institutional investors is creating a significant crypt shortage, which is putting pressure on the price.

„If many bitcoins are illiquid, a supply-side crisis emerges, which has a weakening effect on BTC’s selling pressure in the market,“ says Glassnode, „Or to put it another way: a sustained increase in illiquid bitcoins is a potentially bullish signal.

In fact, the increase in Bitcoin prices over the last few months can be explained as an effect of scarcity and increased demand. And, interestingly enough, over the last 24 hours, the leading crypto has increased by 7.5% to reach another all-time high.

In addition, we must bear in mind that the crypto market knows for sure that supply will not increase. In this sense, Jacob Skaaning from the ARK36 crypto coverage fund explained, according to CNBC, that „the supply side of the bitcoin market will continue to be scarce“.

Therefore, economic theory suggests that a limited supply and an increase in demand will be able to maintain the upward pressures on the price of Bitcoin.

How far will it go? The crypto market doesn’t know for sure yet, but the stakes are high.

Weekly Analysis: How is Bitcoin whale activity in the last week of 2020?

The number of crypto addresses of Ethereum reaches a maximum

Today is a day of highs in the crypto market and that is that the number of addresses that maintain some amount of Ethereum continued to increase until reaching a new historical high.

To be more accurate, there are currently 51,491,730 addresses that maintain some amount of crypto, according to Glassnode data.

Interestingly, this indicator has increased steadily since January, accumulating significant growth. All thanks to the increase in institutional interest and, especially, to DeFi.

OKCoin is the last crypto exchange to turn its back on XRP

Bittrex joins the crypto list of those who remove XRP

Without a doubt XRP has faced some tough days after the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs was filed. In fact, the last one to turn its back on crypto was Bittrex after announcing that it would eliminate XRP from all markets as of January 15, 2021.

Therefore, the trading pairs that will be affected are BTC/XRP, ETH/XRP, USDT/XRP and USD/XRP.

Who will be the next to join, and what will happen to XRP?

Binance Smart Chain could beat Ethereum

Yesterday Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, informed through Twitter that Binance Smart Chain is on its way to surpass Ethereum.

Specifically, CZ pointed out that „BSC is slowly reaching 30-40% of ETH’s volume – low commissions matter!

So, although it is still a fraction of the size of Ethereum’s Blockchain, it is interesting how much progress it has made and how it threatens Ethereum’s dominance.

In a few lines…

Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times alleges that Coinbase engaged in wage discrimination.
The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York set February 22, 2021 as the date for the pretrial portion of the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs.
India proposes an 18% tax on transactions of the country’s leading crypto.